Calling all Mercenaries;

Rumour has it that the Blackshot team is awarding everyone with DOUBLE EXP & BP (on selected maps) from 5 PM to 9 PM (GMT+8) on this special day.

Below are the list of maps that would have DOUBLE EXP / BP on ALL servers:

Xitang - TFM
SandStorm II - SD
Office - SD
Junk Yard - TDM
Desert Hawk - UBA

Free EXP & BP?

No way!

An informant reported that the Blackshot team aims to achieve 150,000 'Likes' on their Facebook Page (Blackshot Online - with 137,289 as the current number. This mission has to be accomplished by 9th August 2012, just in time to celebrate Singapore's Independence Day.

By 7th August 2012, if the target has been achieved (150,000 'Likes'), we promise to reward all players with an AK47 Desert (3 Days) and a "Special" Grenade (3 Days) to show our gratification towards your support.

What's more? Stand a chance to win exclusive in-games prizes in our Lucky Draw event!

Will this mission prove to be a success or is it too difficult to achieve?

Ready to fire,
Team Blackshot