Maintenance & Magnum Hazard Patch - 29th June; 7AM - 12NN

Attention BlackShot Players,

BlackShot Online will be having a regular Server Maintenance and Magnum Hazard Patch tomorrow, 29th June (Friday) at 7 AM to 12 NN (GMT+8).

Below are the contents of the Magnum Hazard Patch (80+mb):
AK47 Urban - Rifle
AK47 Forest - Rifle
A91 - Rifle
MP412 Rex - Pistol
Mask Clown 2 - Mask

-Reduced BP Consumption
Leave Clan/Kick Clan Member - BP fee reduced from 6,000 BP to 3,000 BP
Request/End Partnership - BP fee reduced from 1,500 BP to 800 BP
-Anti-Hack (Hack Tool) Solution

Favela Map Glitches
Office Map Glitches
Xitang Map Glitches
Gallery Map Glitches
Panic Space Map Glitches
Unlimited Battle Arena (UBA) Game Bugs

Please be guided and log out of the game before 7 AM to avoid having account problems.

Thank you and enjoy playing BlackShot!

Game Management
BlackShot Operation Team

*Server maintenance time may extend without prior notice.*

Posted on: 06-28-2012