Good day Shooters,

There has been an uproar on shortage of Blackshot premium weapons, and guess what?

Action speaks louder than words, the Blackshot Team is now pleased to present the best promotion in town;

Buy 1 weapon and get a premium weapon for FREE!

Not only you get to own the hottest weapons in-game, this deal also provides you with the luxury of owning PREMIUM/RARE weapons. Hesitate no more and get ready for the Blackshot craziest promo and load your storage with 100% satisfaction!

Buy any of the following weapons and get the following premium weapons for free;

Buy ------------------------------------- Get

AK47 Desert (7 or 30 days) --------------> AK47 Snow (1 day)
HK416 N (7 or 30 days) -----------------> M60 (1 day)
P90 Jungle (7 or 30 days) ---------------> MP7 Viper (1 day)
SMF Knife (7 or 30 days) ----------------> NZ1 Knife (3 days)
AWP Black (7 or 30 days) ---------------> AWP Ghost (1 day)

Do take note that our promo period is only from 24th June (12:01 AM) up to 30th June (11:59 PM) [GMT+8].

*We'll be giving out the prizes/rewards the following day before 6 PM. Rewards can be found on GIFT BOX.

Be sure to grab this sale and never stop the Fragging!

Game Management
BlackShot Operation Team