Attention to all marksmen;

Unlimited Battle Arena (UBA) has been release !

"And YES, you've heard us right! "

We've been told by many of our gamers were playing "Like a BOSS" in the game and will soon conquer Blackshot Online. So, let us do justice by bringing in the ultimate challenge [New Mode, New Maps and New Weapons] and shall once again knock the sense out of you people!

Why is it a challenge?

We meant it when we say every kill counts, because every single kill or death provides you with unique skill and ability to determine your victory. Let's put it this way, try to imagine your enemy drops their grenade after being killed and have their HP regenerated, or someone creeps around your base with increase fire power and movement speed? Yes, this is what Kill and Death streak can do to jeopardize your game!

Well, with our newly introduce weapons, winning might just be a piece of cake!

The latest patch includes;

1.Unlimited Battle Arena (UBA) - New Game Mode
Team Death Match (TDM) Infinity
Unique Kill/Death Streak Skills

Resigzed Image Click this bar to view the full image.

2.New Weapons
-Drum shotgun-G (Shotgun)
-AK47 Tiger (Rifle)
-AK47 Desert (Rifle)
-Jatimatic (SMG)
-M21 Desert (Sniper)

3.New Clan Marks
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Good luck shooters and continue to play "Like a BOSS"!

Rolling Out,
The Blackshot Team