Hi Mercenaries!

February brings about the rustling of leaves, the howling of wind and the crashing of oak. The Forest is alive! Never wander off alone or you might get caught... off guard.

The Blackshot Team has a promotion for you and it comes in the form of all things green!

Promo 1
For New GS Spenders who've never bought GS before, the HK416 Forest (7 days) awaits you!

Promo 2
As for the tallest of trees and biggest of buyers (2000 GS and above), a SIG552 Forest (7 days) AND Fast Respawn (7 days) will be credited to your accounts! This will help the trees grow faster... well, hopefully.

Promo 3
Last but not least, anyone who spends GS will receive the ever powerful MP7 Forest (7 days). This legendary gun is seen at every competition and can be enjoyed by anyone of any skill level.

Happy February!

Best Regards,
The Blackshot Team

*Promo Period: 1st February to 29th February 2012.
*GS Rewards will be given away on 8th March, 2012 (tentative).
*GS Rewards are for GS Purchases, top up won't be count.
*Gachapon purchase/s and Gift purchase/s are counted.
*Promo mechanics and prizes may change without prior notice.