Guten Tag Blackshot Players!

If you don't know what that means, "Guten Tag" means "Good Afternoon" in German! Why are we greeting you in such a manner? Well, its because of Octoberfest! The famed beer drinking event happens in Germany every year in October, that's why!

Promo 1
[b]For new spenders, first time spenders[b] and well, basically just people who have never bought GS before, here's some incentive for you. You'll receive an AK47 Black (7 days) for falling into this category. This awesome gun willl surely help you get the headshots you deserve!

Promo 2
As players who go for the big guns, spend 2000 GS and above and you'll receive a M1919A1 (7 days) and an XP Bonus I (Gear) (7 days). This gun will rock your socks with superior firepower and speed!

Promo 3
And just for everyone who has spent any sum of GS in Blackshot, you'll get a Tactics Package 2 (7 days). If you've fallen into either of the categories above, the package will be given by default!

The promo period for all three categories above is from 1st - 31st October 2011. Rewards will be given away on 17th November 2011.

The Blackshot Team

*Promo Period: 1st October to 31st October 2011
*GS Rewards will be given away on 17th November, 2011 (tentative).
*GS Rewards are for GS Purchases, top up won't be count.
*Gift purchases are counted.
*Gachapon purchase/s will count.
*Promo mechanics and prizes may change without prior notice.