Part II. Remember the AWESOME Gold AK47 Dragon Keychains?

The "limited edition" Blackshot Dogtags are here! But no, they aren't for sale, just like the Keychains before.

"How will I be able to get one of the exclusive Blackshot Dogtags?", you might ask. Read on to find out more...

From 17 Oct., just head on down to any Comics Connection stores as well as KingKong Point, and purchase one $50 prepaid card and you'll receive the SUPER DUPER UBER COOL Blackshot Dogtag perfectly FREE and this will include the AK47 Black (7 days)! It is that simple.

Promotion is only valid while stocks of these VERY LIMITED EDITION Dogtags last. And they are very very exclusive, if we don't say so ourselves... so why wait?

Here's the list of Comics Connections and KingKong Point near you!

Comics Connections
KingKong Point

Hurry on down today!

Warmest Regards,
The Blackshot Team

*Do take note that the AK47 Black will only be credited after you activate/top up the GS card to your Garena Blackshot account. If you purchase the GS card and do not top up, we will not be able to trace it.