Exclusive Streak 2 - Poker Prepaid Card Event

Join us in the 2nd season of the Poker Prepaid Card Forum Event, the EXCLUSIVE STREAK 2!

For this event...

You will have to collect the longest streak, regardless of patterns. So you can have a mixture of spades and diamonds as long as you have your cards in running numbers. At the same time, please remember to take a picture of your cards including the front and the back of it. Also, make sure we are able to see the serial numbers clearly.

For example: 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 or 9, 10, J, Q, K.

5 to 7 cards straight - MG42 (3 days) + Mp5k-pdw Heart (3 days)
8 to 11 cards straight - MG42 (3 days) + M24-Heart (3 days)
12 cards straight - MG42 (7 days) + HK416 Forest (7 days)

So hurry send in your EXCLUSIVE STREAK and get yourself some prizes!

*All the cards should be topped-up on 1 account only for your entry to be valid*

This event will be from 15th June 2011 til 15th July 2011

*Prizes will be given out by 20th July 2011*

Posted on: 06-15-2011