Combat Warfare Event - Mon, Wed & Fri (10AM, 2PM, 4PM & 7PM)

Schedule Tuesday & Thursday @ 10AM, 2PM, 4PM & 7PM (GMT+8)
Server Singapore / Malaysia
Channel Random
Game Mode Team Death Match
Map Random
Players 8 vs 8
Objective 120 points
Time 10 mins
Weapon All
Weapon Requirements UZI-NZ1, AK 47 Snow, AWP Candy and MASS-NZ1100
  • During the event times, GMs will announce the Server, Channel and Room number.
  • Anybody can enter the EVENT room and join the game.
  • Once the event room is full, players must get ready and the HOST GM will then start the match.
  • The objective of the match is to either eliminate all your opponents or accomplish the team's objective.
  • Members of the winning team will all receive prizes.
  • The event will run for an hour with a minimum of 2 matches.
  • Prizes will be given away within 48 hrs. after the match.
  • A player can only win once per day and twice per week.
  • Players that gets disconnected will be officially out of the game.
w/ requirements Additional Combo (1 Day) & Mask Smile Black (7 Days)
w/o requirements Armor II (1 Day)

*Event schedule and mechanics may change without further notice*

Posted on: 01-28-2011