Map - Haunted

A once majestic mansion that is nothing more than a laboratory for human experiments now. Put an end to this cruelty by eliminating all of your enemies. May their soul rest in peace.


Map - Winterland

Do not be fooled by this beautiful icy terrain. Millions have been said to be buried under this harsh winter land. Take up your arms and bury your enemies next.


Map - Pipeline

Intelligence has found an oil rig somewhere located in the Middle East. A team of enemy’s soldiers had already been dispatched to secure and defend it. Your task – Bring in your mercenaries and take them out. Oil is blood.

Hans Cargo II

Map - Hans Cargo II

Storm the front and stop your enemies from obtaining the confidential bio-technology information. This will pose as a threat to your country if the enemy’s troops are not stopped in time. Eliminate all opponents and secure the base.


Map - Junkyard

A military base that has been abandon after the nuclear war. Intelligence has information that valuable parts and weapons are hidden away unharmed by the nuclear war. Your team has been dispatched to search for them, however your enemies will not give in without a fight! Eliminate all of them to gain control of the junk yard.


Map - Carnival

Most mercenaries at one point in their childhood spent some time at this legendary amusement park. Now disfigured clowns, dolls and other eerie stuffs loom in this dilapidated fair. Deathly aura surprises lurk around every corner so be sure to prepare yourself mentally.


Map - Rooftop

An experimental helicopter had been shot down by enemy’s ground forces. Intelligence reported that the crash site have been overrun by enemies. You have been sent in to extract the survivors pinned down and sustaining heavy casualties. Leave no man behind.


Map - Favela

Once controlled by powerful drug lords, your ground forces had flushed them out and had since established an encampment to transport weapons to front line troops. Disgruntled by their loss, the drug lords had hired mercenaries to take back what’s rightfully theirs. Defend the encampment well as you will be facing an onslaught of merciless mercenaries.


Map - Rock

Camp Rock was a simulated theater of operation and was the largest military training ground in the history of military maneuvers. However, it was abandoned when nuclear bombs detonated. You have been tasked to salvage whatever is left in the camp. Your enemies have also sent in their mercenaries to take control over the camp. This is not training, show them a good fight.


Map - Gallery

When they say art takes on many forms, we're pretty sure war isn't one of them. But all that changed one day when the blueprint of the world's most powerful missile launcher was rumoured to be encrypted into one of the paintings in The Gallery. Paint the perfect picture of success as you pit your wits and skills against your opponents to neutralize the building and secure the painting… and hopefully get out alive.

Lost Temple

Map - Lost Temple

The once sacred grounds now hold a dirty secret of mass destruction and it is up to you and your team to save the world. Wipe out your enemies and unravel the hidden secret before its forbidden walls become your tomb!

Panic Space

Map - Panic Space

A cutting-edge bio-tech laboratory has been uncovered. Word has it that this is the very place where unethical medical experiments are conducted on humans to create powerful warriors. Stop this cruelty once and for all by eliminating all opponents, and secure the base.

Titan Valley II

Map - Titan Valley II

Mercenaries, do your part for your country! A piece of confidential information has been leaked – Missile Titan, an intercontinental ballistic missile has been launched somewhere inside a cave along a southern valley in the Atlas Mountains close to Algeria. This poses as a great threat to Europe if not neutralized immediately. Now, strut your stuff and fulfill your mission to destroy the missile – cave and all!