• IntroHi, I'm GM_Grifter. The Leader of the Blackshot GMs.
  • JobscopeIn-charge of everything in Blackshot.
  • HobbyGunning down people.
  • WeaponsEnfield-Woodlands.
  • WeaknessKnifers on Snipe only mode. -.-'
  • GuidesProtect the flagger at all cause!
  • SloganDon't pick up my gun if you don't know how to use it.
  • IntroCold as steel, sharp as blade. Welcome to the world of FPS, Gamers.
  • JobscopeI'm a Blackshot Game Master, the community montage representative, head marshal for tournaments and a walking encyclopedia regarding bugs, weapons and gears.
  • HobbyI enjoy sports, cyber-gaming and movies! And i dedicate myself to serve fellow Gamers.
  • WeaponsLegendary master of all weapons (except...)
  • WeaknessIronic to my name, katana, my melee is beyond hope and redemption..
  • GuidesOnly through endless battles will you discover your own strength, soldiers!
  • SloganI feel exceptionally alive, only when I kill people and go on a rampage!
  • IntroPuny humans, I am none other than the Monster.
  • JobscopeRain hellfire, create chaos, destruction and devastation to all humans.
  • HobbyDrinking blood from the skull’s of my enemies.
  • WeaponsAll weapons known to man.
  • WeaknessDo you really think I would have any weaknesses? Nothing can stop me.
  • GuidesIf you can’t win me, join me in the destruction of your precious Earth.
  • SloganDespair mercenaries, cataclysm shall come forth to those who oppose me.
    Death awaits you!