• IntroHi, I am fallen angel from paradise to guardian players playing a fair match.
  • JobscopeI'm in charge of Malaysia's Blackshot Online and community events.
  • HobbyShopping, Jogging and playing badminton to keep fit.
  • WeaponsI prefer rifles from the AK series!
  • WeaknessMelee weapon and SMG weapon because it’s very hard to avoid damage.
  • GuidesLearn from mistake, teamwork to win the game and challenge whoever is better than yourself.
  • SloganMy Room, My Rules! 2 simple rules: No Racism, No Bad Words.
  • IntroHello everyone, I'm GM_Froggy, your friendly neighbourhood GM.
  • JobscopeI'm in charge of the Blackshot community and events in Malaysia! Feel free to submit your feedback regarding any creative ideas, from all of you, to me! =)
  • HobbyI enjoy playing basketball, like the dribbling and the shooting - Think i'm quite good in it!
  • WeaponsI prefer rifles from the HK series!
  • WeaknessHmmmm, I've an intuition that most of you guys know... That's why I’m always targeted and killed by many of you!
  • GuidesJust simply move your crosshair to my character and left click the mouse.
  • SloganYour friendly sidekick that fights along and beside you!
  • IntroHi, I'm GM_Grifter. The Leader of the Blackshot GMs.
  • JobscopeIn-charge of everything in Blackshot.
  • HobbyGunning down people.
  • WeaponsEnfield-Woodlands.
  • WeaknessKnifers on Snipe only mode. -.-'
  • GuidesProtect the flagger at all cause!
  • SloganDon't pick up my gun if you don't know how to use it.
  • IntroGood day soldiers, I'm GM_Hitokiri.
  • JobscopeI'm in charge of your forum and webpage content update, if you have any creative ideas to improve it, don't be afraid to pm me about it!
  • HobbyKPOP KPOP KPOP!!!
  • WeaponsThe AK47 Series, preferably the AK47 Black.
  • WeaknessI am weak/vulnerable against near players due to my low sensitivity setting.
  • GuidesTips for playing against low sensitivity players like me is to always get up close to them and use some fast action weapons like the P90 Jungle or Uzi Blue to gun us down.
  • SloganWhosoever holds this hammer, if he be worthy, shall posses the power of Hitokiri
  • IntroHi, I'm GM_Ichigo and I absolutely love food! Do you?
  • JobscopeAs included in my intro, I'm a Game Master and am in charge of the Community and events in Singapore!
  • HobbyI enjoy sketching human portraits as well as tons of naps and that's why i'm referred to as the king of sleeping amongst my friends ><.
  • WeaponsI specially adore the HK Series, such as the HK416 N.
  • WeaknessSubmachine gun in close range - gives me a headache!
  • GuidesLearn to maintain your cool and outsmart your opponents. Only then shall you prevail...
  • SloganBANKAAAAI!
  • IntroCold as steel, sharp as blade. Welcome to the world of FPS, Gamers.
  • JobscopeI'm a Blackshot Game Master, the community montage representative, head marshal for tournaments and a walking encyclopedia regarding bugs, weapons and gears.
  • HobbyI enjoy sports, cyber-gaming and movies! And i dedicate myself to serve fellow Gamers.
  • WeaponsLegendary master of all weapons (except...)
  • WeaknessIronic to my name, katana, my melee is beyond hope and redemption..
  • GuidesOnly through endless battles will you discover your own strength, soldiers!
  • SloganI feel exceptionally alive, only when I kill people and go on a rampage!
  • IntroWeehoo, I'm GM_Lollipop and I love to bring sweetness that is as sugary as candied lollipop, to everybody!
  • JobscopeI'm in charge of Malaysia's Blackshot Online events and community!
  • HobbyI absolutely love jogging with my doggies which are such cutiepies! =D
  • WeaponsI prefer snipers, especially those in the AWP series.
  • WeaknessI won't camp at my base, i'll rush but end up getting killed by players! I always spam my bullets but they aren't accurate..
  • GuidesSpare me a Lollipop and I will die in your hands ~
  • SloganYeah ~ I've got you!
  • IntroPuny humans, I am none other than the Monster.
  • JobscopeRain hellfire, create chaos, destruction and devastation to all humans.
  • HobbyDrinking blood from the skull’s of my enemies.
  • WeaponsAll weapons known to man.
  • WeaknessDo you really think I would have any weaknesses? Nothing can stop me.
  • GuidesIf you can’t win me, join me in the destruction of your precious Earth.
  • SloganDespair mercenaries, cataclysm shall come forth to those who oppose me.
    Death awaits you!
  • IntroYeah Baby xD, I'm GM_Priscess and I'm looking for my Prince in Blackshot =P
  • JobscopeOf course, I'm a Game Master =), in charge of the Malaysian Blackshot Community.
  • HobbyI think I'm rather musically-inclined and I love to play the Violin! I'm athletic as well because I like to play Basketball! Quite all-rounded, don't you think so? =p
  • WeaponsI prefer to use the SIG552 Forest.
  • WeaknessSniper and melee modes are my worst fears - i steer clear of them! I always experienced headshots by other players using the Meat Hammer!
  • GuidesTo be patient and train hard to fight easy in future!
  • SloganJust shoot it !

  • IntroHi Guys! I'm GM_Sayo at your service!
  • JobscopeI'm in charge of Malaysia's Blackshot Community & Events.
  • HobbyPlaying games, watching movies, eating & shopping
  • WeaponsLove Melee! Especially Kodachi & NZ1 Knife
  • WeaknessQuit funny actually, but I always get killed by Grenade...=P
  • GuidesEat vegetables, it's good for your health!
  • SloganOne for all & All for one!
  • IntroHi! I'm GM_Testarossa, fast like a Testarossa.
  • JobscopeIn charge of Technical Support to help gamers solve their technical issues as well as the creation of promotional videos with my Darling Katana <3 ~
  • HobbyI enjoy building/modding Personal Computers and overclocking them!
  • WeaponsI love using the M24 Grim Reaper.
  • WeaknessHackers, people with very good networks or the Host of the game.
  • GuidesImage out a crosshair in the centre of your screen in your mind and aim with it.
  • SloganNever gonna give you up, never gonna let you down, never gonna run around and desert you~